PICO Capital Partners
Building long-term value by providing capital, strategic guidance and operational leadership to businesses in the Denver area

Our firm is led by an experienced group of executives and investors who have successfully acquired and operated leading companies across a variety of industries.  We are long-term investors who believe that success is based on partnership, analysis, discipline and commitment to customer satisfaction.

The following are some of the foundations of our approach:

  • Partnership
    • Invest in management
    • Provide appropriate incentives from top to bottom
  • Analysis
    • Make strategic and tactical decisions with data, implement with passion
    • Establish and track operating and financial metrics
  • Discipline
    • Be entrepreneurial, but stick to the game plan
    • Tight control on costs
  • Customer focus
    • Aggressively pursue both organic growth and acquisitions to enhance product offering and customer experience
    • Invest in sales & marketing
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